Frequently Asked Questions

What if my question is not answered here?

Please contact us via e-mail: We'll be happy to respond as quickly as possible, and of course we will consider adding your question to this FAQ.

What is Accelowait's Privacy Policy?

Accelowait does not collect any personal data from users. When the app asks for your name, you're free to use whatever name you want that will make it easy for family and/or friends to recognize you if you plan to join them in an Accelowait group. There is nothing to tie that name to either your real name or to any other information about you, and the name you provide is only visible to other members of your group.

What is an "extra Buddy"?

By default, everyone who uses Accelowait gets one Buddy with their ticket to the venue. Some venue operators may offer an "extra Buddy", either when you buy your ticket or via an in-app purchase after you've connected your ticket to your mobile phone using the Accelowait app. If you buy an extra Buddy then you can have Buddies waiting in two different virtual queues at the same time. This allows you to visit even more attractions during your day without standing in line while waiting for them.

Does a Buddy's eligibility ever expire?

Once a Buddy becomes eligible to be met at an attraction, it remains eligible until one of these three things happens: (1) you meet it at the attraction, or (2) you recall it from the attraction's virtual queue and make it a roaming Buddy again, or (3) the venue closes for the day. Other than venue closing, there is no time limit on Buddy eligibility.

Can I send a Buddy to the same attraction twice?

Yes. When you have a roaming Buddy, you can send it to any Accelowait-enabled attraction in the venue, including one you've already visited. See the next question for a possibly related issue.

Why can't I send another roaming Buddy, such as the extra Buddy I purchased, to an attraction where I already have one Buddy waiting or eligible?

Even if you purchased an extra Buddy, you may have only one Buddy in a given attraction's virtual queue unless you are part of an Accelowait group (see the Group tab in the app). A group may have one Buddy per member of the group in a given attraction's virtual queue.

Once my ticket is connected to my mobile phone, why would I ever want to disconnect it (which I can do from the Ticket tab in the app)?

You can connect only one ticket to your mobile phone at any one time. So, the most likely reason for wanting to disconnect it (or thinking you might want to do so) is that you have a family member or friend who does not have their own mobile phone, and you want to connect their ticket to your mobile phone so they can manage their Buddies, too. Another possible reason is that you have two separate tickets for two different days at some venue and the venue operator has allowed guests to manage their Buddies even before the venue is open. Here you have no choice, as you'll see below: you must connect and disconnect and connect and disconnect and so on, depending on which day's ticket you want to deal with. But if the issue is sharing a mobile device with another person on the same day at the same venue, then you have two basic options, and the second one is better for most people.

Suppose you want to share a mobile phone with someone yet you do not want to join the other person in a group. Then it is OK to disconnect your ticket and connect the other person's ticket to your mobile phone because disconnecting a ticket has no effect on Buddies' progress through virtual queues. You may (re)connect a ticket to your mobile phone whenever no other ticket is connected to it. The key is that you can manage Buddies and receive notifications of eligibility on your mobile phone only for Buddies of the currently connected ticket. In this case, then, you must connect one ticket so that person can manage their Buddies, then disconnect, then connect the other ticket so the other person can manage their Buddies, etc. All this connecting and disconnecting can get pretty tedious!

Therefore, as an alternative approach we recommend that two or more people sharing a mobile phone between tickets for the same day at the same venue should join each other in a group. One person can connect their ticket to the mobile phone, then add the other person to their group (by scanning the other person's ticket via "Add a Member" from the Group tab). Because of the way Accelowait groups work, this is essentially equivalent to connecting the second ticket, too, because it allows one mobile phone to be used to direct the Buddies for both tickets without disconnecting and connecting again and again. You can have up to 8 people in a group.

Can I connect a ticket to more than one mobile phone?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Multiple mobile phones then have control over that ticket's Buddies, but only the mobile phone to which the ticket was most recently connected receives notifications of Buddy eligibility.

One of my eligible Buddies just became a roaming Buddy again, even though I didn't meet it. What happened?

All your group's Buddies effectively belong to all members of your group, and all these Buddies are the same to all members of your group. So, any group member can meet an eligible Buddy of the group even if that person isn't the one who sent the Buddy to wait in the first place. When this happens, the effect is the same as described in the question: an eligible Buddy becomes a roaming Buddy again even though you did not meet it—because another member of your group met it.

We therefore recommend that your group consist only of people you trust not to take advantage of you in such a way. Note that it is not necessary for family members or friends to form a group in order to visit an attraction together. Because the eligibility of Buddies doesn't expire, family members or friends who want to visit an attraction at the same time can do so even if they are not in the same group. Everyone just has to wait until each person has an eligible Buddy at the attraction and then all can go to the attraction together and meet their Buddies. Accelowait doesn't coordinate anything for you in this case, but that is usually easy to do via text messages or phone calls or other communications among the family members or friends.