Accelowait™ is a revolutionary virtual queuing system that lets you minimize the time you spend standing in lines for attractions at entertainment venues such as amusement parks and festivals. You can use the free Accelowait mobile app (available for iOS® and for Android™) to send an electronic Robo-Buddy to wait in line for you at any of the venue's busiest attractions. Your Buddy sends a notification to your mobile phone when it reaches the front of the queue and becomes eligible for you to meet it at the attraction. Meanwhile, you're free to move around and enjoy all the other fantastic experiences the venue has to offer. And after you meet an eligible Buddy, you may send it again to wait at any attraction.

Accelowait made its successful debut at Firstlook Festival in October 2015, and was formally introduced to the amusement park marketplace at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando in November 2016. See, for example, this coverage of Accelowait on NewsPlusNotes.

Accelowait offers key advantages over competing attempts to deal with long wait times. It does this not by eliminating wait times, but rather by freeing you up to move around and do other things while waiting. You are not trapped standing in a long line. Accelowait is also a true virtual queuing system, as opposed to a reservation system. This leads to far better dynamic adaptation to unanticipated events such as weather delays, attraction downtime, etc.

Accelowait is Fair and Flexible

When used in high-throughput + high-attendance venues such as amusement parks, Accelowait makes every guest’s visit more enjoyable rather than giving preference to patrons who are willing and able to pay $30-$100 or more for the right to line-jump. Accelowait is completely and obviously fair to all guests who purchase an admission ticket: every guest gets one Buddy.

When used in low-throughput + high-attendance venues, an operator might choose to limit access to Accelowait to a subset of guests. Our queue management expertise can help the venue operator decide whether and how to ration access, e.g., by limiting Accelowait access to guests with certain types of admission tickets, though we strongly prefer that all guests be able to use it.

Accelowait Understands Families and Other Groups

Accelowait elegantly solves many subtle problems involved in dealing fairly with groups of guests such as families and friends. Want to use the Buddy from Grandma's ticket because she's not interested in riding upside down? No problem. Want to share one mobile phone among multiple people to manage everyone's Buddies? No problem.

How Can You Use Accelowait?

  • Ask the management of your favorite entertainment venues with long queues to contact us at Some things need to be set up before you can use Accelowait there.
  • Take a very brief survey about Accelowait to help venue operators understand how much their guests would value Accelowait.
  • Contact us at with your feedback and suggestions.
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